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The Monochromist
Great Black and White Photography on the Go!
With the Monochromist App it becomes very easy (and quite fun!) to create, edit and share your pictures in black & white. By removing colors you can enhance a photo, bring its subject to life and give it a whole new artistic quality. Create, share and enjoy the dramatic effect that monochromatic images have. Become a Monochromist today!

The editing could not be simpler:
  • choose a photo
  • select a filter by swiping through the list
  • select a frame and a format in the same manner
  • and export your picture.
Choosing a filter, format and frame is super easy and swiping through all the possible combinations is great fun.

Monochromist is now universal and optimized for iPhone and iPad, all in one App!
Use big collection of filters to create your black & white images. Give your image the proper look with one of our frames.
Additionally to the original size use square, cinematic or other formats. You can also just set custom saturation, brightness and contrast.
Even more options: Apply Auto-Light to correct images that are too dark. The image gallery enables you to view or share your images again and again.
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